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Strategic Advisory Services

We provide strategic advisory services to emerging growth companies across a broad range of industries. Whether a company can benefit most by growing through a strategic acquisition or redeploying capital through a divestiture, our M&A team is committed to providing hands-on, executive level expertise and resources. Our relationship doesn't end at the closing, rather we work with clients continually to identify and execute the next strategic move.

We assist companies in managing their portfolio of assets. As companies grow they may find they are trying to focus on too many lines of business, and that they must close some operational business units in order to focus on more profitable lines. This is a problem commonly associated with conglomerates.

Companies may wish to carve-out or sell off a business line if they are under financial duress and we can assist in that regard. Divestiture may also result from a management decision to no longer operate a business unit because it is not part of a core competency. It may also occur if a business unit is deemed redundant after a merger or acquisition, if jettisoning a unit increases the resale value of the firm or if a court requires the sale of a business unit to improve market competition. We have specialists which can provide the strategic guidance to navigate these sometimes turbulent waters. 


We serve as a management buyout advisor and corporate financial consultant to profitable, private companies. As a management buyout advisor, we help companies develop business plans and raise capital to secure financing for management or leveraged buyouts. In that role, in addition to the strategic advisory services we provide we help companies access the capital markets for their capital needs.

In addition, with the escalating costs and risks associated with being a public company management and directors need advisors that can help them determine the most effective ways to continue to grow the business and migrate out of regulatory quagmire associated with being public.

If you need an objective financial advisor who can professionally pursue a going private transaction, then call us. We take the time to learn your business and goals, advise on governance matters, analyze your financial alternatives, and then explain the implications for shareholder value.

We focus on advice, and have the financial expertise and operating knowledge to help you develop solid financial plans. Equally important, we have the experience in the financial markets to execute the transactions that are right for you at the right time.

We offer a comprehensive range of buy-side M&A services that you can elect to use in whole or in part. The services include:

  • Setting or refining acquisition criteria and goals
  • Assessing and qualifying potential targets
  • Valuing targets and preparing accretion/dilution analysis
  • Performing due diligence, both strategic and financial
  • Modeling potential targets and related deal structures
  • Providing advice regarding tactics for bidding and negotiating a transaction
  • Analyzing business risks, integration issues, deal structures, and capital sources
  • Negotiating any or all elements of the transaction, depending on your negotiating style
  • Assessing the strategic impact of completing/foregoing a particular acquisition
  • Preparing press releases and presentations for various constituencies.
  • We also provide a confidential buffer for our clients on the initial approach of target companies.
  • Our financing expertise also allows us to assist in the arranging of any required financing.

Most importantly, we manage the overall process for you and coordinate the activities of your team, including other external advisors. This management oversight allows you to stay focused on the important issues of the transaction without getting distracted by the details that could impair performance of existing operations.

Our financing professionals examine various strategies to restructure the company's debt and equity while our merger and acquisition professionals are often called upon to analyze the potential sale of the company or its operating assets. We provide solutions that maximize value for all constituencies, and we develop tailored restructuring plans suitable for many financial or operating challenges. Our solution-based restructuring services may include:

  • Advising lenders to over-leveraged companies on the evaluation of financial and strategic alternatives, and effecting a refinancing or sale transaction.

  • Advising companies in financial distress on lender negotiations, the determination of an appropriate capital structure, and restructuring the balance sheet through access to new financing sources, including debt or equity capital

  • Advising companies on short-term liquidity management, and repairing and recreating solid working relationships with existing lenders and creditors

  • Advising distressed companies on strategic alternatives and valuation

  • Advising on the formulation of and the execution of an exit strategy for major shareholders, or the divestiture of division/s of an entire business.

  • Advising potential acquirers in evaluating troubled target companies or targeted assets of troubled companies

  • Advising companies on a reorganization or new business plans

  • Providing access to interim management and restructuring professionals

    We work with business owners and companies to develop and implement recapitalization strategies that address specific business objectives. We carefully assess various options for reorganizing capital structure and the balance sheet to generate liquidity, refinance expensive or restrictive debt, support growth opportunities and increase shareholder value, or gain greater operational flexibility.

Our Strategic Planning and Consulting services include:

  • Identifying and structuring an appropriate legal entity, assisting in the preparation of business plans, and structuring and drafting agreements among stockholders and partners;
  • Securities law compliance and guidance, including structuring the terms of corporate stock, partnership interests and other securities offering; representation in connection with the offer and sale of securities, including drafting disclosure documents by our legal counsel and federal and state securities law compliance; negotiating and structuring venture capital investments, debt instruments and other financing relationships; and securities law compliance by public companies;
  • Structuring and drafting employment, consulting and non-compete agreements and drafting and providing advice regarding various types of stock option and other equity incentive plans, employee stock savings plans and other employee benefit plans;
  • Negotiating and structuring corporate partner relationships, acquisitions, mergers, joint ventures, distribution arrangements and franchising relationships; and
  • General business representation, including advice in connection with bank loans, leases and other business contracts.