E. Nicholas (“Nick”) Davis III, Founder and Managing Director

E. Nicholas Davis III, Nick Davis, BizChangerZ, Venture Capital Plus, Our PrinciplesNick is the Founder and Managing Director of VenturePLUS Capital Group. In his remarkable 30 year plus career consisting of accounting, law and entrepreneurial banking, Nick has leveraged his education, breadth of industry experience and market intelligence to deliver innovative, comprehensive corporate, financial advisory and investment banking services to his clients.

As the Founder and Managing Director of CloverLeaf Capital, a sister company to VP+, Nick has provided a wide range of services to his clients ranging from M&A, capital raising, corporate finance, reorganizations, workouts, tax, offshore strategies to providing operational strategic and tactic guidance necessary to guide companies through their development, growth and exit phases. Nick also currently serves as a co-Managing Director of BizChangerZ, an online marketing and business turnaround firm. He brings all of that experience and talent to VenturePLUS Capital.

Nick’s business experience consists in directing, executing or otherwise assisting in over $500,000,000 transactions consisting of over 200 transactions including: M&A transactions; recapitalizations and reorganizations; corporate and financial advisory strategies; public and private equity raises; mezzanine financing; high yield debt; private debt; sale-leasebacks; and, various other products and advisory services for small and mid-cap clients across the U.S.

Nick has developed proven methods, models and strategies to provide his clients and partners in the healthcare, education, technology, real estate, media, entertainment and retail sectors with the skills and competencies necessary to compete in today’s volatile and dynamic business environment while allowing management of the companies he represents or partnered with to focus on and match their skill sets to the core business. Over the last 12 years, investors in CloverLeaf sponsored investment opportunities have realized an average, annual internal rate of return on their investments in excess of 30%.

Nick previously practiced law in the State of Florida for 12 years. He has also served as a Director, President, CFO and General Counsel of a number of both private and public companies including nonprofits. Nick holds a Law, Masters and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration with a double major in accounting and management.