Mission Statement: VenturePLUS Capital Group is committed to helping our clients fund their businesses and invest their dollars in high opportunity private and public equity/debt deals through the effective utilization of our unique V+ Platform. As new and more efficient ways to achieve our mission come about, we are committed to be on the forefront of these strategies so as to always provide maximum value to our clients.

Vision Statement: Our desire is that VP+ will facilitate the flow of investment of capital in small to medium size companies, create jobs; serve others well; and, positively impact the lives of many.


1. Honor God. Our first objective and purpose is to honor God and run our business in accordance with Biblical principles. We believe that the source of all good things including the conversations and ideas that formed the basis for this Company and our products came from God and that we, as servant leaders, have been charged with doing our best to carry out His plans through the use of our gifts and talents.


2. Satisfy Our Clients. Our clients are our most important stakeholders and the lifeblood of our business. Only by satisfying our clients first do we have the opportunity to satisfy the needs of our employees and owners. To that end, we go to extraordinary lengths to satisfy our clients’ needs. In fact, the genesis for our product was conceived on this very principle. We always want to exceed our clients’ expectations. We strive to serve our clients competently, efficiently, knowledgeably and with the highest level of integrity and respect.


3. Good Stewards. We are stewards of our shareholders’ investments and labor, and we take that responsibility very seriously. We honor our employees and are committed to increasing long term value for many. We are a “for profit” business and recognize that profits are essential to creating capital for growth, opportunity, job satisfaction and job security.


4. We Care About People and Our Communities.  Our success is dependent upon the collective energy and intelligence of all of our Team Members. We strive to create a work environment where motivated Team Members can flourish and succeed to their highest potential. We appreciate effort and reward results. We take responsibility for our own success and failures. We celebrate success and see failures as opportunities for growth. We recognize that we are responsible for our own happiness and success. We recognize our responsibility to be active participants in our local Churches and communities. We, as a Company, give a minimum of 10% of our profits every year to a variety of Churches, community and other non-profit organizations.