Frequently Asked Questions


1. Q: What is the V+ Platform?

A: It is a platform consisting of specially designed financial and insurance contracts coupled with a uniquely designed asset protection trust which, through proprietary securitization techniques, protects investor capital from the risks normally associated with investments in start-up to mid-stage companies.


2. Q: Does it work just for equity investments only?

A: No, our platform protects the investment dollars regardless of whether it is a debt or equity offering or a hybrid.


3. Q: What are the benefits of the V+ Platform to the Company trying to raise capital?

A: The benefits to the Company seeking investment dollars are: (i) the V+ Platform is a proven model that facilitates the flow of investment dollars; (ii) Investor risk is reduced resulting in higher valuations and less dilution; (iii) the Company will be entitled to excess cash and death benefits from our V+ products; (iv) the Company is protected by “Key Man” life insurance and the cash benefits derived from the specially designed investment contracts; and, (v) the Company incurs no debt or otherwise has any material, adverse tax consequences with respect to the use of the V+ Platform.


4. Q: What are the benefits of the V+ Platform to investors?

A: The investors: (i) can now benefit from the opportunity to invest in high upside potential, start-up to middle stage companies without the risk of a complete loss of their investment; (ii) have, unlike most private equity investments, near term liquidity; (iii) interest in the V+ Platform is protected from creditors and other claimants of the target company; and (iv) incur no debt or otherwise have any adverse tax consequences with respect to the V+ Platform.


5. Q: Where do you obtain these specially designed investment and insurance contracts?

A:  Our contracts are issued by one of several US based insurance companies that have been in the insurance/investment business for over 100 years.


6. Q: What is the financial condition of these insurance companies?

A: All of our insurance/investment partners are highly regarded in their industry, financially sound and carry an A or better rating with the various rating services.


7. Q: Does the target company incur any debt or otherwise have any obligation to repay this loan?

A: No, the loan transaction is between the funding source and our specially designed asset protection trust. Neither the target company nor its investors incur any debt or have any responsibility with respect to this loan.


8. Q: Who actually owns the insurance and investment contracts which protect my investment?

A: A specially designed, asset protection trust created for the investors’ benefit first and secondly, the target company and the “Key Man.”


9. Q: With respect to any death benefits payable to the investors in the event of the untimely demise of the “Key Man,” are there any adverse tax consequences associated with these payments?

A: While we are unable to provide tax advice and urge you to seek independent tax counsel, we believe that there will be no taxes imposed on these death benefits.


10. Q: You mentioned that as an investor that I could have near term liquidity relative to my investment in the target company regardless of the target company’s performance. How is that possible?

A: Through a unique redemption feature that we designed for the investors’ benefit, the target company is able to gain access to your proportionate share of the cash component of the investment contract in order to acquire all or a portion of your investment in the target company. This may be done at any time after the first year of your investment.