VenturePLUS Capital Group (V+) provides a unique, proprietary Capital Protection Platform (V+ Platform) to companies and their investors which will provide a “hedge” or “backstop” against the loss of investor capital regardless of the how the target company performs.

V+ eliminates the risk of investing in companies by securitizing the investment with a High Participation Investment Contract coupled with a specially designed Life Policy (V+ Investment Hedge).  With this solution, investors can make capital investments with the assurance that their investment will be returned regardless of what transpires with the target company and/or its “key man.”  In addition, investors have the added benefit of near term liquidity of their investment and complete assurance that their investment dollars are protected against creditors and other claimants.

V+  has partnered with several U.S. based insurance companies, all of which are 100+ years old, that presently carry investment ratings of A or higher to provide the V+ Hedge. With the use of  the V+ Hedge and Platform investors may now invest in these dynamic, huge upside opportunities with the assurance of downside protection.

Who V+ Serves and Why it Works

If you are a company with a sound management team and a unique product or service offering, but you are having a difficult time raising investment capital, we can deliver a revolutionary platform that may well be the “tipping point” to change the way investors view your company and its offering.

Or, if you are an active investor in private equity ventures, with the use of our proprietary V+ Platform, you may now invest in dynamic opportunities with (i) the added assurance that no matter what transpires with the company or its “key man,” your investment dollars will be returned to you; (ii) unlike ever before, you will now have available near term liquidity with respect to your investment; and, (iii) complete assurance that your investment is protected from creditors and other claimants.

V+ is a specialty, niche-focused corporate finance, advisory firm. We cater to small to medium size enterprises, Angel investors and investments funds seeking to obtain or invest, as the case may be, debt or equity capital ranging anywhere from $100,000 to $15 million.